registered by original owner since August 1995
and now is potentially for sale!

      I am considering the idea of The God Network and Texas Gun Network among other ideas.

      Of course the domain can be used for many other purposes.
      Anything like "The", "Texas", or "Tennessee" followed by an entity of which has a name somewhere in the dictionary
      in the "G" section and might have a "Network" is a no brainer; especially since the ".net" used to be only for
      networking outfits like Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

      There are many other potential applications for and I wil try to list some here in the coming days.

      For more information or make offer, contact: has been registered with GKG for many of the
years since 1995 simply because I have enjoyed
doing business with the down-to-earth and reliable
folks at GKG.

This domain has been hosted merely for personal use
since July 2001 with GKG
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